A Trusted
ACT-M Business

Since its inception in 1995, Gasworks has solidified its place as a proven leader within the gas installation and service industry, trusted by Australia's premier energy, resource, civil, and government entities.

Since the beginning, Gasworks has worked alongside Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Safer Together, QFES TEM and many others for Live Fire Gas Fire Training.

Gasworks offers a range of services:

Risk Assessments
Technical & Safety Reviews
Site Safety Manager Training
Safety Management
Gas Safety Training
Compliance Audits

In your Business

Your Gasworks Commercial Technicians are trained, licensed and skilled in the installation and use of commercial...

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In Heavy Industry

Type 'B' licensed and with strict QA protocols, our industry partnerships and unblemished safety records...

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Gasworks in
Your Business

Gas is a critical element to many commercial businesses. In fact, it may likely be one of the most essential elements of your business.

When the gas is flowing all is good and no one notices...

However, if that flow was to stop your business could grind to a halt!

To stay on top of your game, to keep your business functioning and to keep your customers happy, regular maintenance of your commercial gas appliances should be the top of your list of priorities.

Our award-winning Gasworks Commercial Technicians are your local experts. They are fully licensed for all works performed and specialise in professional gas solutions for commercial gas appliances & their use.

Our range of services includes:

Your Gasworks Commercial Technicians are trained, licensed and skilled in the installation and use of commercial gas appliances for your business, including:

Rest assured, Gasworks Commercial Management and Technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience in all facets of the Gas Industry and we work closely with the world's top gas appliance manufacturers, both locally and internationally to offer you the best solution for your needs.

Gasworks in
Heavy Industry

Gasworks is one of Australia's Premier Gas Solutions Providers

Our vast experience and unrivalled reputation gained through the successful delivery of numerous major projects within Queensland over 17 years - all with an exemplary safety record - sets Gasworks Heavy Industries apart in the Gas Industry.

At Gasworks Heavy Industries we pride ourselves on maintaining strict Quality Assurance protocol on all projects.

Licensed for Type 'B' Gas Installation works on large projects, Gasworks Heavy Industries holds an Authorisation License allowing us to carry out work of up to 50GJ.

Gasworks Heavy Industries delivers expertise in the following areas:

In accord with our positioning statement of professional gas solutions, our services are broad and comprehensive, and our full range of services includes:

We provide services and advice to organisations such as Major Upstream Projects, Gov Depart, Hospitals & Mining Companies across a wide range of industries, including:

Ongoing support and maintenance is critical for major projects and Gasworks Heavy Industries specialise in maintaining large industrial appliances and facilities, backed up by our own auditable cloud-based data and reporting system.

Our record speaks for itself. That's why the Queensland Government and many of the industry's largest players choose Gasworks Heavy Industries for Professional Gas Solutions!